NO database

Photographs and illustrations in print and digital media that accompany reports of violence against women play a significant role in ethical reporting. Illustrations depicting situations of violence, crime scenes, or weapons used to commit violence against women who have been exposed to violence provoke fear and anger, rather than encouragement, and can further traumatize these victims. Therefore, in addition to responsible reporting on violence against women, it is also necessary to strictly avoid the use of photographs and visual representations that inadequately and stereotypically depict violence, survivors/victims, and perpetrators; any messages sent by visual means should be centred on the inadmissibility of violence and the criminality of such acts, as a demonstration of solidarity with and respect for those who have been exposed to and suffered violence.

Women, together with the United Nations Development Programme, the B92 Fund, and the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, have initiated the formation of a database of photographs and illustrations that responsibly and ethically present the problem of violence, its forms, and reactions to violence, and/or focus on empowering and showing solidarity with those exposed to violence. This database is available for free use to print media and media portals whose aim is to contribute to a better understanding and the prevention of violence against women through responsible reporting.