A group of journalists and editors who fight violence against women in an organized, public, and emphatic manner.

The group advocates that in media reports of violence against women, this issue must be presented, treated, and examined as a social problem – to point out its causes, clearly condemn any form of violence, and call to account the perpetrators of violence and the institutions responsible for protection against violence.

The group was formed in 2017 by the United Nations Development Program – UNDP and the B92 Fund to improve media coverage of violence against women in Serbia, with the aim of providing citizens with objective information, devoid of sensationalism, about this prevalent social problem.

Guidelines for Media Reporting on Violence against Women

The Guidelines were prepared to assist journalists in reporting that contributes to prevention of violence against women and in educating the public through ethical and informative reporting about this problem. The Guidelines are a result of analyses and discussions of the group “Journalists against Violence”, established thanks to UNDP Serbia and the B92 Fund. The aim of the Guidelines is – on the one hand – to improve the quality of reporting on this topic and help resolve dilemmas that journalists who report on this issue often encounter, but also to eliminate, or at the very least reduce the level of the traumatization of women who’ve experienced violence, especially that which occurs as a consequence of media reporting on gender-based violence.

Due to their prominent influence on the formation of public opinion and their power to initiate changes in society, the media play one of the key roles in preventing and combating violence against women. In shaping the general picture of the role of women, and in building opinions on and taking an unequivocal stance against gender-based violence, the press, electronic media, and social networks can effect powerful positive change in preventing gender-based violence, or, at the very least, can highlight the problem, stimulate discussion, and raise the level of awareness on this issue and in doing so initiate progress.

"Times are tough, and our livelihoods often hang by a thread. It is only when we stick together that we are stronger than times and more secure in our lives. We’re each other’s colleagues, friends and sisters."

Nataša Miljković

"The world changes when we jointly refuse to stay silent!"

Branislava Antović

"We are there for each other! A small, yet courageous step of every one of us thus becomes a big step for all of us!"

Jelena Zorić

"Women's solidarity is the most powerful force, with which we can conquer all; this is why it is important to listen to, understand and support each other. Let’s be each other’s megaphone."

Iva Parađanin

"We must never forget that every success and freedom that we have are ours because some women before our time built an extra stair for us, so that we could climb to the top of this mountain that we are standing on."

Jovana Netković

"Before saying anything publicly about a woman survivor of violence, we should put ourselves in her shoes. Don’t judge, show solidarity."

Tamara Srijemac

"It is our duty to raise our voices against violence and discrimination on behalf of all in this society who are disenfranchised, underprivileged, marginalised, or simply unaware of the evil and problems that surround them."

Milica Kravić Aksamit

"Remember, violence is never the victim's fault, the responsibility is always and solely on the perpetrator. And remember – you are not alone!"

Tamara Urošević

"Report the abuser. When you are ready. And remember, you are a victim, not an accomplice!"

Ivana Mastilović Jasnić

"Violence against women is a social problem stemming from unequal power relations between men and women. Let’s rise up against violence, for the sake of women of the future."

Mileva Mališić

"Be proud to call yourself a feminist. It means that you are generous, brave, authentic, and take responsibility for the world you live in."

Miljana Nešković

"Fight for your rights with the same ardour every day, so that we wouldn't have to defend what other brave women won for us."

Ana Manojlović

"Never be afraid to speak your mind. Women’s voices still don't ring as loud, so – always speak up!"

Jovana Gligorijević

"Our decision to hear the Other and fight for a space in which her voice can be heard – is revolutionary."

Sanja Pavlović